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A new emerging facet of tourism is the one which is sustainable, environmentally and culturally responsible, and characterized by flexibility and choice. To remain competitive in the market place, tourism providers and other stakeholders must adapt themselves with these trends. For many, the challenge is to reinvent tourism through proper planning, market intelligence, operational efficiency and customer service.
In order to address these needs, Astiaj, Tourism Consultancy & Research Center as an independent tourism, leisure and hospitality consultancy company provides a wide range of professional services designed to help companies, NGOs and Government agencies within the tourism sector to successfully achieve their objectives in the commercial environment.

Who can benefit from our services?

• National & regional tourism organizations
• NTAs
• Tourism associations
• Destination management organizations
• Tourism and hospitality developers
• Tourism industry suppliers (such as travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, transportation companies, etc.)
• Universities and research centers
• Tourism education and training providers
• Individuals in private or public sector

Astiaj was founded by Hamira Zamani-Farahani (PhD in Tourism Management) in 2001. Based on her vast experiences of working and studying in the travel and tourism industry, she has strong background in the field and has been involved with tourism and hospitality research, planning, academic publication, product development and marketing for many years.
Astiaj is joined by a group of accomplished professionals who are highly experienced and knowledgeable. They deliver precise and detailed advice based on sound knowledge of the facts and the issues involved. Listed below are several of the services that Astiaj offers which can help you to achieve these goals.

• Tourism and Hospitality Planning
• Operations Assessment
• Tourism Development
• Tourism Marketing Strategy
• Marketing Material Design, Production and Editing
• Tour Design and Implementation
• Research and Visitor Surveys
• Meetings and Group Facilitations
• Market Demand and Feasibility Studies
• Tour Operator Consultancy
• Academic and Market Research
• General Advice for Those in the Hotel & Tourism Sector
• Tourism Research & information
• Tourism Training, Workshops and Seminars

Any inquiry concerning tourism, leisure and hospitality consultancy in Iran and in the region is welcomed and handled professionally. Meeting the needs of our clients is of utmost importance to us and we try our best to satisfy their demands.

Tourism Research and Consultancy Center

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